MobiDoc MRI - docking critical care transport cart for the diagnostic radiology

The antiferromagnetic docking cart has been specially designed for the MRI-environment. It allows not only secure and uninterrupted care for patients during intra-hospital emergency transports but also during the MRI examination.

Product No.:32MR0702M


  • MR conditional
  • 3 Tesla
  • certificate of conformity on request

Basic Fitting

  • 4 aluminium rails 25 x 10 mm

Docking System

  • 2 hight adjustable docking clamps (not interlocking)
  • docks onto hospital beds and stretchers

rolling base

  • rugged aluminium rolling base construction
  • RAL 1003 texture (signal yellow) powder coated finish
  • 4 high-quality double casters, 125 mm Ø, 2 with brakes
  • electrostatic discharge


  • MobiDoc extends the transport unit by approx. 360 - 460 mm (depending on the hospital bed and emergency stretcher)
  • W 660 x D 535 x H 1.700 mm

Critical patient care during magnetic resonance imaging

„MobiDoc MRI“ is a unique solution for uninterrupted critical patient care during MRI scans.

mth medicals MRI docking cart is easily docked onto patient beds and stretchers. The bright yellow color makes it recognizable as MR-conditional at first sight.

Unlike patient beds and stretchers, the docking cart MobiDoc MRI, equipped with MR-conditional monitoring and therapy devices, can remain in the MRI room with the patient for continuing critical patient care during MRI scans.

The antiferromagnetic rolling base

The rugged aluminum rolling base has a powder coated finish in signal yellow, is 660 mm wide, 535 mm deep, 1.700 mm high and extends the transportation unit by approximatly 460 mm.

It is equipped with four high quality double casters which lead to safe driving and excellent riding qualities. Two of the casters have quick and easy brakes to fixate the MobiDoc MRI and prevent inadvertent rolling. The rolling base is also equipped with a electrostatic discharge.

The hight adjustable docking system for MRI docking carts

The MobiDoc MRI docking system differs from other MobiDoc models. To dock the MRI cart, the docking clamps have to be lifted with the two steering handles as usual, but only lowered and hooked onto bed or stretcher. Done! No latching. The simple handling supports the intra hospital MRI patient transport with a safe and quick connection between patient bed or stretcher and MobiDoc MRI, with minimum effort in minimum time.

The basic fitting for the MRI-ICU transportation cart

The MobiDoc MRI basic fitting includes four aluminium rails (10 x 25 mm) but is extendable. The modular system allows a variety off additional accessories for MobiDoc. Of course mth medical also features MR-conditional accessories especially for the MRI model.

Accessories and upgrades

The continuously enhancements of high quality medical furniture is mth medicals strength. The German medical engineering company, designed the established and successful modular docking cart MobiDoc with foresight. All newly developed MR-conditional accessories and upgrades will always be compatible with all MobiDoc MRI models.