MTH medical GmbH – Quality increases life expectancy



Since 1997 mth medical is specialized in the development and manufacturing of functional furniture and carrier systems for clinics, operating theaters and inpatient care facilities with emphasis on individual solutions and product development. Our versatile and innovative line of products made in Germany ranges from stands, articulated arms and clamps2, a wide variety of functional trolleys and carts, drawer elements, monitor mounts and catheter-boxes all the way to MRI-compatible products. Multiple-socket outlets for use at anesthesia workplaces and anesthesia respirators round off our comprehensive list of accessories.
Our motto: Quality increases life expectancy


In addition to standard products, our focus is on providing client-specific solutions to our business partners. They set benchmarks with respect to quality, functionality and user friendliness throughout the industry. The development and manufacturing of all products of mth medical is subject to continuous improvement processes. Together with our management system, which has been established according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485, this ensures the fulfillment of our high quality standards. All of our development and manufacturing processes adhere to the legal requirements as stipulated in the medical products Directive 93/42/EEC.

Satisfaction – the best medicine

The drivers behind our actions are saving, protecting and caring for human life. Based on this understanding of the work that we do, we develop high-quality products with those who have to use them in mind.

We want our clients to be satisfied - because satisfaction is the best medicine for a trusting partnership. 


As a successful, internationally operating, family-owned enterprise we manufacture exclusively in Germany.

Every mth-product is produced with the greatest care by our qualified technicians using tried and trusted manufacturing technologies, including manual production on occasion. When they are finished, they are subject to a thorough quality check. Nothing leaves our premises without our being one hundred per cent satisfied with the product we have made.

Renowned manufacturers of medical equipment and medical engineering, as well as hospitals and medical retailers, rely on mth medical‘s high-quality products.


As sustainability-oriented company we feel responsible for coming generations. We are focussing on sustainability when developing our products, on careful use of resources, and we are supporting social projects within the scope of our possibilities.

From solar panels on the company premises renewable energy is integrated into our manufacturing, our energy consumption is optimized continuously.