Add On Unit - the MobiDoc extension

Product No.:32000800MZ


  • extruded-aluminium center upright
  • 2 standard-size horizontal rails to hold and attach equipment, e.g. infusion rack or items weighing up to 40 kg
  • 1 IV pole with 4 bottle hooks
  • ergonomic handle
  • welded caster base, RAL 9002 textured powder-coated finish
  • 4 high-quality plastic double casters, 100 mm Ø, electrically conductive, 2 with brakes

Docking System (optional)

  • vertical docking system with 2 clamps for side connection to MobiDoc
  • choice of docking to right or left side of MobiDoc
  • additional locking mechanism with safety bolt


  • width 390 x depth 450 x height 1700 mm


Docking System


  • the Add-On Unit can be wheeled along with the MobiDoc or used as a stand-alone stationary supply unit
  • efficient use of resources, saving time and energy on changing over equipment, such as syringe pumps, etc.
  • can be combined with all MobiDoc models, compatible fitting with all MobiDoc models
  • rapid and safe system for docking the Add-On Unit onto MobiDoc
  • very easy to wheel and maneuver

The dockable MobiDoc extension for mobile and stationary use. Space-saving Add-On Unit designed to hold equipment, e.g. infusion and syringe pumps, for uninterrupted patient care.