Standard Multiple-Socket Outlet

Four-socket power point for operating medical devices which meet the IEC 60601 series standards applicable in class 2 areas as defined in VDE 0107. They satisfy the requirements of IEC 60601-1-2-13 and may therefore also be operated in combination with medical ventilators and inhalational anaesthetic apparatus.

Product No.:03000

safety bracket

Bracket to secure plugs against unintentional removal (can only be removed using a special tool)


  • 2 G fuse inserts 5 x 20 / 2AT (DIN 41571)

Control indicator (optional)

Maximum loads

  • max. 450 Watt per socket,
  • max. 1,800 Watt total

Cable (optional)

plug on the right hand side, in accordance with DIN 49441, Design R2

  • 3.0 m cable, white
  • 5.0 m cable, white
  • 2.5 m coiled cable, white
  • 5.0 m crush-resistant cable, orange




Control indicator